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We appreciate how important your mailed communications are – both with existing and potential customers

Modern dealerships are about much more than just selling cars. With so much competition out there, it’s essential to keep in touch with your customers, making them feel “part of the family”. Regular communications for sales & service promotions will help you to build trust and create interest.

But the additional workload of producing and managing mailed communications is a hassle you could well do without. Printing, database management, proof reading, envelope stuffing, managing postage costs etc is an ongoing and time consuming process. So who can you trust someone to take on this essential though laborious work for you? Most importantly, can they do it to the high standard and at the competitive price that you would expect?

How Postforce can help

This is where we come in – for over 25 years we’ve provided a reliable and secure Discount Print & Mail service that’s  cost-effective, flexible and personal. We are confident that we can save you time, money and hassle with your letter and promotional mailing, tailored to individual business needs.

Direct Mail is one of the most reliable and productive methods of getting your message directly to your existing and potential customers, and with the introduction of GDPR, it’s also one of the most flexible.

We can manage the printing and mailing of your promotional materials, service & MOT reminders. With personalised and branded letters, brochures or flyers we can help you to effectively communicate to your customers, assuring that you stay in contact with them and they keep coming back to you.

We have a ‘can do’ approach and would like to become your trusted partners for your print and mail requirements - whether on an ad-hoc basis or as a complete ongoing process.  You will have a personal account manager from our small but dedicated team who will have the profitability and good name of your business as their motivation.

Why not contact us today to discuss how we can work together to benefit your dealership?

How do you want us to work with your dealership?

We can have a ‘lite’ touch, to step in and undertake individual mailshots for you as and when required - or we can offer a full heavily managed approach where we oversee all aspects of your Print and Mail requirements.

Dealership A   -  specialist Land Rover and Jaguar dealership

Their requirement: Cost effective quarterly mailings - sales offers and finance options for new and used vehicles

Our "lite touch"solution - the Postforce ad-hoc discount Print & Mail service, including:
Leaflet/postcard/letter design
Discount printing
Priority production
Discount postage management

“A Discount Print & Mail package to save the dealership time, money & hassle”

Dealership B   -  Multi franchise, multi site group

Their requirement: To manage, print and post service renewals, MOT reminders and event mailings

Our solution - the Postforce "fully managed" service, including:
Database management
Letter design
Proof Reading
Letterhead stock control
Envelope print and management
Digital print and production
Timed mailings
Postal discount management

“A complete Print & Mail service to save the dealership from time consuming tasks & resource eating procedures”