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car keys, new car, car dealershipWe appreciate how important your mailed communications are – both with existing and potential customers

We can provide a full mailing service for your car dealership, and offer a level of involvement choices. With our Print & Mail Packages you’ll benefit from our amazing all-in prices.

Why use Direct Mail?

Direct Mail has always been one of the most reliable and productive methods of getting your message directly to your customer. It’s seen as more trustworthy than emails, and nearly half of customers say they hold on to post, for reference or to show friends or family. Rather than general website searching, Direct Mail also prompts more people to go directly to the sender’s website.

With TV viewing becoming fragmented across multiple channels, and as newspapers are losing ground to online news sites, most online sites themselves are drowning under the weight of unrelated adverts. The best route to take is high-quality direct mail. A personalised message, based on your knowledge of your customer will always work best.

Service Notifications
Of course, there’s more to cars than just buying new. Considerable revenue for a car dealership can be found in servicing and MOT work, but customers can be forgetful and often miss these. Postforce can use your data to schedule effective communication to ensure they come back to you. And, of course, this is a great opportunity to market accessories, or the chance to part-exchange the car…

Special Events
Are you planning for a nationwide promotion backed by the manufacturer, or an initiative from your own business? Or perhaps marketing initiatives such as VAT Free offers, extended warranties or enhanced part exchange deals? These all work best if communicated directly to your customer. Postforce has a range of letter, brochure and postcard packages to suit your requirements.

We’ve dealt with the motor industry for many years and would like to be your trusted partners. We are confident that we can save you time, money and patience with your mailing.

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