Data Cleansing Options

Data cleansing will increase your chance of mailing success by ensuring your mailed message is going to the right address, to a person who accepts direct mail and to a person who is alive!

Mailing to up-to-date & clean address lists makes sound business sense and can increase your return on investment!

We are a responsible mailing company and suggest that you have your target addresses verified for accuracy, movement or mortality before mailing.  We work with W8 data, experts in this field.  They offer a FREE of charge address data audit to allow you to see how your data shapes up!  We can arrange this for you.

6 Reasons to Data Check

18,000 People move house every day
6.8 Million people move house every year
600 Million items are mailed to the incorrect address every year
One in five people in the UK regularly receive mailings addressed to a previous occupant
Mailings sent to deceased loved ones is the most common complaint received by the Information Commissioners Office
Only 1 in 3 incorrectly addressed items are returned to Royal Mail, the rest are binned

Once you have the FREE audit report of your data you can decide how to proceed.  If your data looks healthy, then just ask us for a free Excel de-dupe, free formatting to remove nasties (such as commas) and free lower/upper case alteration as required. If your data needs cleansing then we will arrange W8 data to contact you to arrange this.

Now we accept data cleansing is not the most exciting of subjects, – but it could be essential in maximising your ROI.  It is worth paying to remove dodgy records rather than pay to mail them!

How do W8 data cleanse data?

Ensure you target a customer or prospect ONLY ONCE with every campaign, by removing duplicate contacts.

De-duplication can work at individual, surname or household level, depending upon your requirements (company contact, company name and location level for B2B data).

We can flag and link duplicates with a master record identifier so that you can merge them back into your database or completely remove them.

preference services
The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) allows consumers to register their address to say that they do not wish to receive postal direct mail offers from companies with whom they have no existing business relationship.

Where you have already built up a communication with the individual and it is reasonable to assume that they would not mind you continuing to contact them, then you may continue to do so even if the individual is on the MPS Register, however should they request that you stop mailing them, you must do so immediately.


The GAS file (or Goneaway Suppression File) contains data from the electoral roll and negative or change of address information from a number of active major syndicated customer databases. There are 40 million addresses on this file and it is updated monthly.

NCOA suppress
The National Change of Address (NCOA) Suppress database contains details of everyone who has used the Royal mail re-direction service. There are 4.8 million verified addresses on the file and it is updated monthly.

Equifax Disconnect suppressions
The Disconnect file contains over 6 years of data on people who have moved. The file is updated monthly and comprises approximately 46 million names.

Experian Absolute Movers
Experian continually monitors mover information and brings updates of activity to the market on a monthly basis. This file contains over 40 million records. Every record has been validated.

Mortality services

Mortascreen is a register of deceased individuals collected from probate and contains anyone who had an estate of over £5,000 in England and Wales since 1989 or over £15,000 in Scotland since 1996. It comprises of 9 million names and is updated monthly.

The Bereavement Register
The Bereavement Register (TBR) is information captured by The Data Agency from a scheme that distributes booklets with tear-off cards from key locations. All cards are then validated against a UK residents’ database. The file comprises of 4.5 million names and is updated weekly.

National Deceased Register
The National Deceased Register (NDR) is the only 100% fully validated deceased file available. It contains 4.3 million records and receives 32,000 monthly updates.

Disconnect Deceased
The data supplied by Equifax as part of the Disconnect Suppression file is supplied as three distinct suppression types, one of these being confirmed deceased records. The file comprises 46 million names.

NCOA suppress
This data is supplied by Royal Mail and is sourced from their re-direction service. Periodically family members ask to have mail re-directed because a loved one has passed away; we can access this detail and stop you from mailing them. The file comprises 100,000 names.

MPS deceased
The Mailing Preference Service suppression file contacts a specific flag for deceased records. MPS Deceased is a requirement for Advertising and Sustainable / Responsible Mail discounts.

Business cleansing

For business address changes data from Dun & Bradstreet, Thomson, Companies House, Experian, GAS and TBR is used to cross reference and verify ‘live marketable data’.

The Business Suppression File (BSF) contains over 7.1 million records.

The Business Changes File (BCF) uses information gathered by Royal Mail’s redirection service, it is updated monthly with approximately 30,000 new records.


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