Data Protection

Postforce Ltd - Data Protection Statement

Dear Customer,

Postforce Ltd accepts customer data on the understanding that it is to be used solely for the mailing specified by the client.

The customer data will not be either reused or resold, or passed to any third party, and will be erased, along with associated emails, once the mailing is complete.

Customer data will only be retained whilst the mailing production is active. During use, data is held on password protected computers.

For additional security, Postforce Ltd requests that clients delete data columns that are not required for the mailing (e.g. phone numbers, previous transactions etc).

Postforce Ltd is registered to handle data under the Data Protection Act. We have a duty of care for the data and guarantee to fulfil the obligations above. We are a signatory to the Information Commissioner’s Office’s Data Promise - see below or their site

We guarantee the above and hereby state it in writing.

Brian Trick



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