General Postage Saving Tips



• Don’t use stamps
If you have access to franking or account facilities, use them – they are much cheaper than stamps.
• Squeeze it/Fold it
Wherever possible, use C5 or DL envelopes rather than C4. As well as the postage difference, the envelopes are cheaper too!
• Does it have to go 1st Class?
Is it that urgent? Is it worth the extra cost to get it there a day or two sooner? (Especially if mailing to a business on a Friday).
• Make the most of the envelope
A 250 gram large letter costs the same to post as a 101 gram large letter!
• Design your inserts not to exceed C5
Avoid items that are just over 240mm or 165mm – this will push the postage from letter rates to large letter rates.
• Don’t frank lots of similar letters
If you are mailing 1000+ letters you can qualify for postage discounts of up to 13%. A font change on the address or a barcode is all you need.
• Large letters – get a discount
1000+ large letters will get a discount. There are very generous postage discounts on offer for bulk large letter mailings.
• Discover the joy of mailsort
If you are mailing 1000+ large letters or 4000+ letters, you can qualify for mailsort discounts of up to 30%.
• Consider “3rd” class
If you qualify for a mailsort mailing, consider “Mailsort3” – takes longer to arrive but is MUCH cheaper than Mailsort 2nd class.

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