Hotel Marketing

Direct Mail works wonders for hotels

Hotels have a wonderful product to sell – relaxation, fun and entertainment! You just need to let people know you are there and ready to welcome them! Let’s work together to attract new clients, or to tempt back previous guests for you.

Hotels are ideally placed to take advantage of direct marketing opportunities as they, more than many businesses, have been able to get to know their customers personally. After all, they have been living with you!

Research shows that Direct Mail works best when it is personally addressed. It’s also seen as more trustworthy than emails, and nearly half of customers say they hold on to post, for reference or to show friends or family. Another advantage is that direct mail prompts more people to go directly to the business website, rather than discount websites for their hotels.

How Postforce can promote your hotel

Hotels bell Reception

We have several great ways to promote all your offers like weekend breaks, spa breaks, wedding and function packages, and, of course, corporate events, training meetings and trade exhibitions.

For a targeted mailing, we can print to your own artwork, or arrange a bespoke design. We also offer FREE promotional ‘off the shelf’ templates! Then we can mail to any marketing database of addresses you may have – previous guests, local businesses etc.

Promotional Letters & Leaflets

We have discount ‘Print & Mail’ packages for letters and leaflets. They are great both for keeping in touch with previous guests, or introducing offers to potential clients. We undertake all other types of mailing for newsletters and brochures etc. We look forward to working with you to promote your venue!

Our A5 ‘Print & Mail’ hotel postcard package offers you an easy way to spread the word. Your cards will be printed in full colour on both sides, and have an instant impact as soon as they go through the door.

Our promotional postcard package deal includes:

 FREE Templates
 Design assistance
 Postcard printing
 Postage to individual addresses
 Bespoke design option

So get in touch here for your all-in price, or give us a call on 01202 581259 and let’s get promoting your hotel as ‘the place to be.

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