Copywriting, proof reading, design work, translating, data capture and so much more

We love PeoplePerHour for the skills and the people it makes available to us.

If you are not familiar with peopleperhour, it is a resource site of freelancers around the world who have various skills to offer to make your marketing more effective.  Think of it as eBay for jobs that you need doing.  You list the task that you need undertaking, i.e.  “I need help with copywriting for my sales letter” or “I need a leaflet designed”, and people with the relevant skills from around the world will bid to do your work for you!

It’s a simple process, after registering you can:

  • Post your job for free, specifying what you want.
  • Receive proposals from quality freelancers and chat with them.
  • Select your freelancers based on their profile and feedback.
  • Pay only if satisfied with the work delivered.

It opens up so many options, and helps you find a freelancer on the same wavelength as you.  Portfolios and reviews of their work can be seen and analysed before you commit to letting them undertake your project for you.  We recently needed an A5 leaflet designed, and within 1 hour of posting the job had 20 designers to choose from. We could see their portfolios, and selected the one nearest to the mark for that particular job!

Why just go to one agency for a task to be undertaken when you can choose from freelancers from all around the world?

Powerfully written letters and well designed material will increase your ROI and make your mailing campaign more successful.

Choosing peopleperhour opens up a world of experts ready to help you, all at a competitive price.  As we work closely with peopleperhour, anyone that we refer will receive a 5% discount voucher to put towards the work they have done with them.  So simply contact us here with your email address and we will pass it onto peopleperhour who will forward you a code which will give you a 20% discount on your 1st job with them! You will get your voucher even if you don’t end up mailing your new creation through us!

Ready to start saving time, money & hassle on your mailings?

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