Why, how and happiness!

Pierre Fabre Ltd

This is the type of customer we love!! – They have outsourced their mailing of oncology seminar brochures to us, effectively for free – everyone is a winner!!!!

The postage discount that we now obtain for Pierre Fabre pays for: C4 envelope supply, envelope printing, envelope addressing and brochure insertion.  Items are posted on our discount accounts and compared to the franking rate they were paying they have outsourced their work for free!  (and got free envelopes).

It’s a no-brainer for any company bulk mailing & franking lots of large letters or packets!


“It was a great move to outsource our bulk mailing work to Postforce, saves us lots of time and money” – Leslye Radford,  Marketing Dept, Pierre Fabre


Anderson Moore

Anderson Moore were looking for an effective and competitive solution for letter distribution to their prospect customers. By using our letter ‘Print & Mail packages’ they have saved money and removed all of the hassle and cost of printing thousands of letters.  They no longer have to worry about buying in envelopes, paper toner etc, as our Print & Mail package covers it all!

They often need quick turnaround and we strive for same day dispatch where possible.

It’s a simple exercise – they just send us an Excel list and Word document and then leave it all to us!

“No more worrying about buying in stationery, fighting laser printers, sticking on address labels – we just pass it all over to Postforce and know they will do the job, and at a very fair rate” – Keith Green, Partner,  Anderson Moore