Terms & Conditions

Postforce Terms and Conditions

1. Quotations

Our quotations are based on information made available to us from the client at the date of the quotation and is subject to sight of materials, their suitability, data and its inherent quality and any artwork supplied to us by the Client. All quotes are subject to these standard Terms and Conditions.

Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. We may extend the period for consideration of the quotation if requested and there has been no fundamental change to our cost or exposure.

2. Insurance

All materials supplied by or on behalf of the Client are at the Client’s risk whilst on the Mailing House’s premises or in transit to such premises and the Client is responsible for arranging adequate insurance cover for those materials unless arrangements have been made to the contrary.

3. Material delivery and ‘overs’ return

Collection of mailing items and return of ‘overs’ are not included in quotation unless specified.

4. Force Majeure

Postforce Ltd shall be under no liability if unable to carry out any details of the contract for any reason beyond its reasonable control including - Act of God; legislation; fire; flood; drought; failure of power supply; lock out; strikes. During the continuance of a situation of ‘Force Majeure’ the Client may by written notice to the Mailing House terminate the contract and pay for work done and materials used, but subject to this shall otherwise accept delivery when available.

5. Data supply and data issues

Data shall be supplied by Client to Postforce in an agreed format (usually Excel or CSV). The Client will ensure that unnecessary columns of personal data are deleted from the spreadsheet before transmission.

Data is expected to be of sufficient quality and detail to obtain prices stated in quotation or on website. (Postcodes in the same column, UK addresses only where discount mailing applies). Full details available on request.

We undertake that we shall process any personal data solely for the work quoted for and for no other purpose. Datahandlers will be aware of their obligations. Data will be secured safely and deleted on job completion.

6. Issue & Payment of invoices for work undertaken

Invoices will be issued immediately on job completion (or part thereof if previously agreed) and are to be paid within the preagreed payment terms - normally 30 ELAPSED days from the mailing date. All prices quoted in quotation or on website are net and are exclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payment and will enforce “Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002” where required. Which allows for interest to be charged on outstanding overdue amounts plus a reasonable compensation charge.

3.5% surcharge applies to credit card payments - Credit Card/PayPal payments managed through PayPal invoice.

New Clients - Until a working relationship is established, payment will be due before despatch of work into the mailing system.

7. Payment for postage

Where a mailing is despatched using Postforce mailing account the value of the postage plus the VAT is payable as cleared funds before despatch of the mailing.

8. Limitation of Postforce Liability

Postforce’s entire liability - including liability for errors by employees or contractors in breach of contractual obligations including negligence shall be limited to the contract price. Postforce shall not be liable for any indirect loss of any kind.