Trade Mailing

Calling all litho and digital printers...

Do you offer direct mail services to your clients? If not, why not?

Think of all of those leaflets, letters, newsletters and flyers you print for your clients. A fair percentage of them will be for mailing. Why not offer to handle the mailing for your clients as an add on? It will increase your turnover and give you another income channel.

Currently your clients may be sourcing their own mailing house, or mailing from in-house. You can increase customer satisfaction and gain repeat trade by offering the complete ‘print & mail’ package – with us right behind you.

You may not have dealt with mailing before, with the thought of CSV’s, Mailsort and downstream access all sounding like mumbo-jumbo! We are here to handle all of that for you, so you can offer the complete package. (We wouldn’t know what some of your printing language is either!)

If your competitors are already offering an all in service they may have a competitive advantage over you!  Would your customers rather go to one supplier for a project, or have the trouble of sourcing and then coordinating two?

Once you’ve printed the items and over-nighted them to us we will enclose/address/mailsort/post as required at a trade rate. We can mail-merge and print here for you if required.

You will benefit from our ‘Postal discount inclusive’ schemes and offers like our free mailing service on large letters.

How Postforce can help

At Postforce we are always on hand to help with any queries you or your client may have about mailing. We can either have anonymous involvement as far as they are concerned or full on contact with your customer under your name.

Postforce has access to substantial postage discounts that often are enough to offset the cost of our work! We will work to give you a dedicated trade rate that will leave room for you to help your bottom line!

Drop us an email, or give us a call and we will work out some trade prices for you. We have worked with printers for 20 years and know what you are up against! We will help you build this additional service that will potentially bring you more trade.

Why not contact us here or give us a call on 01202 581259 and let’s get you benefiting from offering a full ‘print & mail’ package.